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How Does Number Plate Recognition Work In Car Parks

Some of the hottest technology today is being used in immediate recognition: facial recognition cameras, cameras that can take accurate body temperature readings and license plate recognition that can capture license plate information for vehicles traveling at varying rates of speed. While each of these automatic recognition technologies are used for different reasons, they all offer companies and governments the ability to quickly identify or classify people or vehicles through the capture of detailed metrics. This information is often stored locally before being transmitted to remote locations for further analysis and use.

anpr work in car parks

Vehicles parked with identification numbers.  Source: Unsplash.

Benefits Of Having License Plate Recognition

Gone are the days when car parks could afford to have an individual taking money by hand at the entrance to the parking lot. Even the more recent turnstiles which require creating a ticket and then stamping the ticket upon payment for exiting the car park have significant challenges and can slow down the flow of traffic in busy urban areas.

Automatic license plate recognition can help solve these logistical challenges by providing a secure, convenient way for vehicles to enter, exit (and pay!) your car park. With automated solutions in place, you’re able to more efficiently identify vehicles that have a paid membership or tie them effectively into your payment solutions.

Another key benefit of license plate recognition is that it can allow you to monitor and manage staffing levels that are required for each location and balance the need for opening additional locations in the future. Having a detailed analysis and graph of the usage data for your car park not only allows you to project future revenue, but also load balance between locations

how does anpr work in car parks

Cars parked not quite nicely in a parking lot. Source: Unsplash.

How ANPR Cameras Work To Protect Your Car Park

ANPR, or Automatic Number Plate Recognition, works by reading and recording metadata about vehicles entering and leaving your car park. This can include everything from the estimated optical speed, license plate, make and model of the vehicle, color, direction approaching and receding and more. This data is stored for future use by communities, car park locations, government entities and can be configured for your unique needs.

This metadata provides a secure, convenient way to manage the operations of your parking facility, allowing you to issue parking permits and LPR (license plate recognition) options for your location. Multi-location facilities also benefit greatly from this tech, allowing the shared data across geographic regions to be quickly submitted and analyzed over time.

how anpr work in car parking lots

Nothing to look at here.  Just a security camera. Source: Unsplash.

Key Features Of Car Park Number Plate Recognition

Functionality is continually evolving in the world of automatic license plate recognition. Recent updates include the ability to offer developer-friendly data feeds, integrating well within your payment systems and other external software platforms. Images and videos that are blurry or partially obscured can be inferred, and cameras are continually improving in their ability to accurately read license plates at higher speeds. Both images and videos are captured within the stream and passed securely to your cloud storage location. Character recognition is not limited to a specific geographic region, but works globally to protect your car parks.

anpr work in car parking

Laptop showing a cool dashboard.  Source: Unsplash.

See Your Activity At A Glance With An Advanced ALPR Dashboard

While capturing all of this data is great, analyzing it effectively and quickly is where you’ll save time, effort and energy — and help grow your business. The ALPR Dashboard from Plate Recognizer offers a convenient way to easily identify your best customers (or repeat offenders!), drill down into specific costs and more. This offers a fast, accurate and developer-friendly solution to automatic license plate recognition software. We fully optimize each installation for your specific needs, to ensure your car park number plate recognition system is as accurate as possible. 

Check out our article on ANPR for cars without number plates.

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