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ALPR Dashboard

Quick Overview

ALPR Dashboard Overview Chart for license plate recognition
  • See quick glance activity chart.
  • Easily identify number of vehicles by the popular tags.
  • Drill-down into a pre-defined or custom time period.

Parking Management

  • Know which vehicles have exited & how long they stayed. *
  • See vehicles still remaining in parking lot. *
  • Easily drill down into a specific parking lot.

* Premium feature of ALPR Dashboard.

ALPR Dashboard Parking Management

Comprehensive Search

ALPR Dashboard Search Filter Results for license plate recognition
  • Find blue SUV with 8 in license plate within last 10 hours.
  • Identify red car tagged as Visitor last month.
  • Find Untagged van in North Parking Lot.
  • See vehicle image when mouse hovers over license plate.
  • Filter by Dwelling Time based on how long cars remain on site.*

Custom Proactive Alerts

  • Create Custom Alerts easily by vehicle tag, site and more.
  • Get notified when untagged vehicles enter apartment complex or when Cars tagged as Amber Alert enter site.
  • Be informed when Visitors are still onsite after 9pm.
  • Know when a visitor has parked over x hours.*
  • Get detailed alert via email or see page of Recent Alerts.
ALPR Dashboard Vehicle Email Alerts for license plate recognition

Occupancy Reports

parking management occupancy report
  • Understand Occupancy Rate of each parking lot.*
  • Drill down by time of day.*
  • Export Occupancy data via Open APIs to your digital sign.*

Frequency Reports

  • Easily see list of most frequently visited vehicles.
  • Drill down by time of day, site, camera, vehicle type, etc.
  • Easily export data via API or spreadsheet to see list of loyal customers.
parking management frequent visitors

Vehicle CRM

ALPR Dashboard Vehicle Details Activity for license plate recognition
  • See all activity of a specific vehicle across sites.
  • View vehicle details and related meta-data (e.g. Name, Company, Department).
  • Capture and read notes about a specific vehicle.
  • See how long vehicle stayed during each visit. *

Vehicle Tags

  • Create custom tags to associate with a license plate.
  • Assign one or multiple tags to a specific plate.
  • Examples: Authorized, Denied, Employee, Visitor, Manager.
ALPR Dashboard Vehicle Details Info for license plate recognition

Vehicle Meta-Data

ALPR Dashboard Custom Vehicle Fields for license plate recognition
  • Create up to 6 custom fields to associate with a license plate.
  • Easily upload spreadsheet to populate meta-data fields. 
  • Examples: Name, Company, Department, Floor #, Employee.

Pre-Integrated, Etc.

  • Easily send data from Snapshot and Stream over to Premium Dashboard.
  • Quickly create new sites and assign cameras to sites.
  • Data retained for 365 days.
ALPR Dashboard Integrated Snapshot Stream

Affordable Pricing

Plate Recognizer ALPR Dashboard is an add-on to Snapshot and Stream.

Contact us to access our demo account!

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Ways to Use ALPR Dashboard

Parking Management

Manage vehicles coming in and out of parking lot and be informed of violators.

Highway Monitoring

See all vehicles that pass through an intersection for detailed data analysis.

Gated Community

Track vehicles entering a gated community to enhance neighborhood safety.