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ANPR Software, Product

Vehicle Make Model Recognition with Color

In addition to license plate recognition, Plate Recognizer is now able to do Vehicle Make Model Recognition (VMMR) with Color Recognition too! Our software covers over 9000 Vehicle Make Models from sedans, trucks, buses, and more across six continents and sold in over 50 countries worldwide. Our Color Recognition identifies 14 colors.

ANPR Software, Product

ALPR Webhooks

Plate Recognizer ALPR software supports webhooks. Our ALPR Webhooks send an HTTP POST to your URL every time a plate is decoded in our Cloud API or SDK engine.

ANPR Software, Product

ALPR on Nvidia Jetson Devices

Plate Recognizer is proud to announce that its automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) On-Premise SDK technology supports the Jetson Nano, TX1, TX2 and Xavier NX. What can be better than a high accuracy ALPR on a powerful, power-optimized Jetson device?!

ANPR Software, Product


Now, you can get a very fast License Plate Recognition software engine that delivers inference speeds as fast as 17 ms! We call it our ALPR Fast Mode! Give it a try for free!

ANPR Software, Misc

ANPR for Brazil

Brazil ANPR is challenging, with both its new Mercosur and old license plates styles. We have tuned our ANPR engine to achieve high accuracy rates to help clients in Brazil succeed with their ANPR projects.

ANPR Software, Product

ANPR on Node-RED

Plate Recognizer is proud to announce that its automatic license plate recognition software now runs on Node-RED. Now, you can build your IOT tool easily with ANPR!

ANPR Software, Misc, Product

Blur License Plates for FOIA

Learn about the impact FOIA has on video requests that contain license plates, the importance of blurring license plates to protect civilians and how Plate Recognizer can help police and government organizations save time and money as well as keep in compliance with the Freedom of Information Act.

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