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Plate Recognizer Snapshot

Snapshot is priced based on # lookups/month. Pricing below is the same for Cloud and On-Premise SDK.

To get Vehicle Make, Model, Color & Orientation, add 50% to the Subscription Fees below. 

To get ALPR Dashboard, add 50% to the Subscription Fees below. 




2,500 Lookups/Mo




50,000 Lookups/Mo




250,000 Lookups/Mo

Most Popular




500,000 Lookups/Mo

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Plate Recognizer Stream

Stream is priced based on a per-camera basis, with optional add-ons. There are no lookup limits for Stream. 




3 Cameras for 1 Month




All of Stream Per Camera


+ $10


+ Make, Model, Color, Orientation, Direction

Most Popular

+ ALPR Dashboard

+ $15


+ ALPR Dashboard

Need multiple licenses, Perpetual one-time license or custom pricing? Contact Us

Plate Recognizer ALPR Dashboard

Our ALPR Dashboard is pre-integrated with Snapshot and Stream.  You can even incorporate data from other ALPR solutions!





Full-Featured ALPR Dashboard

Most Popular




Includes Parking Management Features

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Plate Recognizer Blur

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 Gate Opener

Gate Opener is free for customers who have an active subscription with Plate Recognizer Stream, Snapshot or ParkPow.

If you intend to use Gate Opener without an active Plate Recognizer subscription, please Contact Us for more info.

 Professional Services

Setting up and installing our software is pretty straightforward.  However, if you have a complex environment or need special assistance integrating our software, we’re here to help.

Each session costs $500 and is handled via TeamViewer and/or Skype/WhatsApp.  Contact Us for more info.

Subscription Pricing FAQs

What are the parameters of the Free Trial?

Per our Terms, our Free Trial is solely for the purposes of evaluating our software.  It is NOT for a customer deployment or production environment. We view Proof of Concept, Beta Releases, Demo Projects and other similar engagements as production deployments and these require a paid subscription.

Can I get Free Trial of Stream or Snapshot SDK?

Yes, we do offer a Free Trial of our software upon request. We encourage users who are evaluating Plate Recognizer to first start with the free trial via our API Cloud. The code to use our Cloud API is identical to that of our On-Premise SDK. Contact us for more info.

Does Snapshot SDK or Stream require Internet access?

There are 2 ways to license our software: Subscription and Perpetual. The Subscription License requires Internet once every 30 days to check that the License Key is still valid. The Perpetual License does not require Internet access after the initial installation.

Is the Annual Maintenance included with my Subscription?

Yes! Annual Maintenance is included with your Subscription.

Does the Subscription renew every month or year?

Yes! The Monthly and Annual Subscriptions automatically renew every month (or year) on the anniversary date.

Perpetual Pricing FAQs

Can I get a Perpetual License?

Yes! We do offer Perpetual License for all of our software. Please Contact us for more information.

Does Perpetual License require Internet access?

After the initial installation, the Perpetual License does not require Internet access. Only the Subscription License requires some Internet access.

Is the Annual Maintenance included with my Perpetual License?

No. The Annual Maintenance is purchased separately from the Perpetual License.

What happens to my Perpetual License when my machine crashes?

For a Perpetual License, if the machine is not able to connect to the Internet and uninstall the existing software onboard, then there is no way for us to determine that the original software was removed. In this situation, unfortunately, you will have to purchase a new software license. Please read the description of our Terms for Perpetual License.

Can I change my Perpetual SDK License to another machine?

Yes, you can uninstall and reinstall the Perpetual SDK License onto a different machine. This effort requires Internet access for the uninstallation and reinstallation process. Please read our description of Terms for Perpetual License.

What does the Annual Maintenance cover?

Annual Maintenance covers support, ongoing software updates, ALPR engine improvements, and ability to move the software license to another machine. Annual Maintenance is only for customers with a Perpetual License. Maintenance is automatically included for customers on a Subscription License. Please read our description of Terms for Perpetual License.

How is the Annual SDK Maintenance calculated?

The Annual Maintenance cost is calculated as 20% of the purchased price of the Perpetual License.

General Pricing FAQs

Can Free Trial be used in production?

No. We offer a Free Trial so developers can easily test out our software in a pre-production environment. For production use, please subscribe to one of our Plans.

Can I upgrade, downgrade or cancel my plan at any time?


What happens when I exceed the monthly number of Lookups?

We inform you on the number of Plate Lookups used in our SDK and Cloud API. This way, you can upgrade to a higher plan whenever the current plan is about to reach its limit. The number of Plate Lookups will be limited to the selected plan for each month.

What is considered a Lookup for Plate Rec Snapshot?

A Lookup is basically any image that is sent over to the Plate Rec Snapshot API Cloud or SDK. Even if that image does not contain a vehicle plate, it is still counted as a Lookup. A single Lookup may have multiple vehicles in the image.

Can I change my Subscription License to a new machine?

Yes! For the Subscription License, you can use the original, existing license key on a new machine. So in the event that the original machine has crashed, you can transfer the software license key to another machine.

Other Pricing FAQs

How much does it cost to get Vehicle Make & Model?

To get Vehicle Make & Model, just multiply the Subscription Fee by 50%. So a Small Plan of 50K Lookups/month, License Plate Recognition with Vehicle Make & Model costs $75 per month.

Does Vehicle Make & Model count as a separate lookup?

No. A lookup is an image sent to our ANPR engine via API Cloud or SDK. Vehicle Make & Model is assessed on that same image sent to our ANPR engine.

How is Stream priced for video processing?

Each Stream camera license can process 24×7 for live camera feeds.  However, for video filese, Streamcan process a maximum of 30 hours of video footage each month.  So if you have 90 hours of video feeds to process each month, you will need 3 Stream camera licenses.

Do you offer discounts for non-profits?

Yes!  All non-profits and NGOs get 50% off our Subscription Plans.  Contact us with your non-profit email domain for details. 

Our Unique Value Prop

Highly Accurate & Fast

Our ALPR works with blurry, low-res, night-time photos. Sun-glare, sideways view, etc.

Proven Globally, Optimized Locally

Our algorithms are trained in over 90 countries and tuned to your specific location.

Engineers Support

You get awesome support straight from our engineers. Resolve issues quickly.