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Plate Recognizer Advantages

Save Up To 72%

Sure, we are in business to make money, but that doesn’t mean we need to take advantage of you to succeed.*

Strong Accuracy

We took some sample images and ran them in both engines.  See our detailed assessment below.*

Fast Response

We view ALPR as mission-critical.  Connect with us right away to get things going fast.

Cost Comparison

Cost analysis below is for Plate Recognizer Snapshot and OpenALPR CarCheck API.*

OpenALPR Cost Comparison free trial
OpenALPR Cost Comparison small plan
OpenALPR Cost Comparison medium plan

Accuracy Comparison

We ran some sample images from various countries in both engines.  Click on image to expand.  Please do your own tests to assess accuracy!*

Plate Recognizer

Open ALPR alternative for license plates at an angle
Open ALPR alternative for blurry license plates
Open ALPR alternative for low resolution license plates
Open ALPR alternative for stacked character license plates
Open ALPR comparison for stacked characters
Open ALPR comparison for plates with bumper stickers
Open ALPR comparison for tough fonts
Open ALPR comparison for vanity license plates
Open ALPR comparison for night time plates


OpenALPR alternative for license plates at an angle
OpenALPR alternative for blurry license plates
OpenALPR alternative for dark license plates
OpenALPR alternative for low resolution license plates
OpenALPR comparison for stacked characters
OpenALPR comparison for plates with 2 lines
OpenALPR comparison for plates with bumper stickers
OpenALPR comparison for tough fonts
OpenALPR comparison for icons on plates
OpenALPR comparison for vanity license plates
OpenALPR comparison for night time license plates

Customer Support Comparison

This is a tough one to compare.*

We suggest you contact Plate Recognizer and OpenALPR to see for yourself.  Just click on the links to reach the Contact Us page.

Plate Recognizer Solution

Highly Accurate

Our algo handles plates that are blurry, dark, angled, with double-stack characters, and more. 

Images & Videos

We handle both. Snapshot decodes plates from images. Stream identifies and decodes plates from live cameras.


Get vehicle region, make, model, color, classification; Webhooks, Dashboard, and more! 

On-Premise & Cloud

Both Snapshot and Stream can run on-premise without Internet access. We have a Cloud version too!

Fast, Nimble

Snapshot has an inference speed of 50-100 ms and Stream can process 4 cameras at once on a mid-range CPU.

Proven Globally

Our ALPR engine supports over 90 countries and is tuned to your specific region.

Feature-Rich ALPR

ALPR ANPR License Plate Recognition Software
  • License Plate: pl8rec
  • Type: Sedan
  • Make: BMW
  • Model: 3 series
  • Color: Blue
  • Region: USA
  • Orientation: Rear
  • Plate score: 0.9
  • Detection Score: 0.9
  • Bounding Box: (320,190), (460,250)

Love from Around the World

The Plate Recognizer team has been second to none as we developed our product. They are our partners for the long term!

Caleb W., CEO

Plate Rec is highly responsive to our business and technical needs.

Giancarlo T., Product Manager

Plate Rec ALPR is powerful and accurate. We are thankful for a fruitful partnership.

Renato L., CTO

The Plate Rec team is always there to support us whenever we need it.

Dinh T, CEO

We selected Plate Rec after some rigorous benchmarking — and never looked back!

Ramkumar S, Director
USA & India

Plate Rec is committed to our success and is super-easy to work with!

Sacha D., CTO

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Over 200 Countries Supported

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* DISCLAIMERS.  Cost Comparison analysis is baesd on published website pricing as of January 19, 2021.  Since OpenALPR provides other products (some with hardware included), we only analyzed CarCheck API prices.  Accuracy Comparison analysis is based on the latest versions of ALPR software (Snapshot Cloud and CarCheck API) as of January 19, 2021.  Images were randomly selected across a variety of countries and are not intended to reflect the actual images used for testing by customers.  For details on the methodoly on Angle, Blur Distance, Lightness Level and Pixel Plate Width analysis, pleaes refer to the Methodology section of ALPR Results.  Plate Recognizer does not claim to have a better ALPR engine, a cheaper ALPR software or better customer support compared with any ALPR software vendor.  The analysis on this page is for illustration purposes only.  We encourage all customers to perform their own tests in the areas of ALPR costs, accuracy, and customer support.