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Plate Recognizer Stream

License Plate Recognition Stream ALPR Videos

Highly-accurate ALPR software that processes live camera or video feeds quickly & efficiently.

Stream runs in our cloud or on-premise on a variety of machines.

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ALPR that Works

ANPR Stream Plate Recognition
  • Vehicles without License Plates – Stream identifies vehicle type, make, model, etc.

ALPR for Vehicles without license plates
  • Vehicles with License Plates – Stream decodes plate, vehicle type, make, model, etc.

Stream Results

  • License Plate:  Decoded plate with confidence level.
  • Region:  Country and state/provide from 90+ countries.
  • Vehicle Type:  Big Truck, Bus, Motorcycle, Pickup Truck, Sedan, SUV, Van, Unknown.
  • Vehicle Make & Model:  Global dataset of vehicle make models.
  • Vehicle Color:  Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Red, Silver, White, Yellow, Unknown.
  • Vehicle Orientation:  Front or rear of car.
  • Direction of Travel: Degree of angle that vehicle is traveling based on the unit circle.
ANPR number plate recognition camera video stream

Stream Architecture

ALPR Camera Stream Architecture
  • Process ALPR from any camera or video file.
  • Run in our cloud or on-premise.
  • Send Stream results via Webhooks, JSON, CSV to your system.
  • Forward Stream results to ParkPow to get alerts, dashboard, etc.
  • Send Stream results to open/close gate (synchronized with ParkPow).


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ALPR for Cameras & Videos

Camera Feed

Connect Stream to any IP camera to process in real-time.  Monitor camera status via an API.

Video Feed

Automatically process video files in a folder or programmatically via an API.

Tech Details

  • On-Premise: Linux, Windows, Jetson (+GPU), Raspberry/Rock Pi. See hardware recommendations
  • In Cloud:  Acsess live camera via secure RTSP.
  • Installation:  See Stream Installation guide to install, configure, and update Stream.
  • Internet:  Can operate with or without Internet access.
  • Output:  Decoded plates in CSV file, JSON file, Webhooks or sent to ParkPow.
  • Images:  Store in folder or send via Webhooks.

Happy Customers

Free Test Drive

Get a 30-day Free Trial of Stream for 3 cameras!  (Only for accounts with a corporate email address).

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ALPR Dashboard (ParkPow)

  • Proactively get alerts when unauthorized vehicle arrives.
  • Enforce parking policies (e.g. visitors park for 3 hours max).
  • Get deep analytics of vehicles entering and exiting.
  • Search plates by time, site, vehicle type, color, make, etc.
  • See full details with Vehicle Tags and Vehicle CRM.
  • Easily import data from other systems. 
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ALPR Dashboard Overview Chart for license plate recognition


Plate Recognizer ANPR License Plate Create Webhooks
  • Easily create webhooks to forward decoded plates and images to another system.
  • Images are encoded and sent in multipart/form-data.
  • If Internet is down, no worries!  Receive webhooks when system is back online.
  • Failed webhook?  Stream will retry up to 3 times.
  • Preview data sent using Webhooks Site or our custom code.
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Camera Health

  • Be informed when a camera is down.
  • Get a single API endpoint that returns the status of each camera (running or offline).
ALPR License Plate Recognition Monitor Camera Health

Detection Zone

ALPR ANPR Set Detection Zone
  • Mask out areas of the camera for engine to ignore.
  • Specify Detection Zone for each camera.

Customize Stream

Easily customize Stream to meet your unique camera, hardware and use-case.

  • Prediction Delay  Set the time delay (default is 6 seconds) for the vehicle plate prediction.  For parking and other use-cases, where the camera can see the vehicle approaching, decrease Prediction Delay to open the gate faster, etc.
  • Memory Decay  Set the time (default is 300 seconds) between when Stream will detect that same vehicle again.
  • Frame Sampling   Have Stream process every nth frame to minimize hardware resources (e.g. CPU, RAM). 
  • Without Plates   Detect vehicles without license plates. 
  • Detection Zone  Mask out portions of the camera that you want Stream to ignore. 
  • Video or Camera  Indicate if you want Stream to process a live RTSP camera feed or any video in ffmpeg format, such as MP4.
  • Multiple Videos  Programmatically analyze multiple video files via a CURL command.
  • Webhook Parameters  Send webhooks with the original image, just the vehicle image, or no image at all.  Or, easily forward to ParkPow for full ALPR Dashboard and Parking Management features.
  • Strict Mode  Accept only license plates that abide to your region’s regular expression of license plates.
  • Image Format  Save license plate images in a particular folder with a specific filename. For example, images can be saved as one folder per camera with each image named as camera_timestamp. 
  • Save to CSV  Save license plate readings in a simple CSV file.  View “live” CSV file with Notepad++.
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Pricing for a Win-Win

Plate Recognizer Stream pricing starts at $35/month per camera – with no limits on # lookups.

Perpetual, one-time license fee available upon request — for situations where there’s absolutely no Internet connection.

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Common Use Cases for Stream

Highway Monitoring

Track vehicles at various junction points of a highway.

Police Surveillance

Catch stolen vehicles and identify potential criminals via license plate recognition.

Gated Community

Monitor cars coming in and out and get alerts when a denied vehicle is found.

Need Help with ALPR?

Let us know and we’d be happy to assist.