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Plate Recognizer Stream

License Plate Recognition Stream ALPR Videos

Highly-accurate ALPR software that processes live camera or video feeds quickly & efficiently.

Stream runs On-Premise on a variety of machines.

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ALPR that Works

ANPR Stream Plate Recognition
  • Vehicles without License Plates – Stream identifies vehicle type, make, model, etc.

ALPR for Vehicles without license plates
  • Vehicles with License Plates – Stream decodes plate, vehicle type, make, model, etc.

Stream Results

  • License Plate:  Decoded plate with confidence level.
  • Region:  Country and state/provide from 90+ countries.
  • Vehicle Type:  Big Truck, Bus, Motorcycle, Pickup Truck, Sedan, SUV, Van, Unknown.
  • Vehicle Make & Model:  Global dataset of vehicle make models.
  • Vehicle Color:  Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Red, Silver, White, Yellow, Unknown.
  • Vehicle Orientation:  Front or rear of car.
  • Direction of Travel: Degree of angle that vehicle is traveling.
ANPR number plate recognition camera video stream

Tech Details

ALPR Number Plate Recognition Stream
  • Supported OS:  Linux, Windows (via Ubuntu), Jetson (+GPU) and Mac.
  • Installation:  See Stream Installation guide to install, configure, and update Stream.
  • Internet:  Can operate with or without Internet access.
  • Output:  Decoded plates in CSV file, JSON file, Webhooks or sent to ParkPow.
  • Images:  Store in folder or send via Webhooks.
  • HARDWARE:  Please refer to our Stream hardware recommendations.

ALPR for Cameras & Videos

Camera Feed

Connect Stream to any IP camera to process in real-time.  Monitor camera status via an API.

Video Feed

Automatically process video files in a folder or programmatically via an API.

Free Test Drive

Get a 30-day Free Trial of Stream for 3 cameras!  (Only for accounts with a corporate email address).

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ALPR Dashboard

  • Get at-a-glance activity chart and drill down table. 
  • Search plates by time, site, vehicle type, color, make, etc.
  • Tag vehicles and get Custom Alerts.
  • See full vehicle details with Vehicle CRM.
  • Data retained for 365 days.
  • Easily import data from other systems. 
  • Enforce parking policies with our Parking Management solution!
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ALPR Dashboard Overview Chart for license plate recognition


Plate Recognizer ANPR License Plate Create Webhooks
  • Easily create webhooks to forward decoded plates and images to another system.
  • Images are encoded and sent in multipart/form-data.
  • If Internet is down, no worries!  Receive webhooks when system is back online.
  • Failed webhook?  Stream will retry up to 3 times.
  • Preview data sent using Webhooks Site or our custom code.
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Camera Health

ALPR License Plate Recognition Monitor Camera Health
  • Be informed when a camera is down.
  • Get a single API endpoint that returns the status of each camera (running or offline).

Detection Zone

  • Mask out areas of the camera for engine to ignore.
  • Specify Detection Zone for each camera.
ALPR ANPR Set Detection Zone

Customize Stream

Easily customize Stream to meet your unique camera, hardware and use-case.

  • Prediction Delay  Set the time delay (in seconds) for the vehicle plate prediction. By default, Stream waits at most 6 seconds before it records the plate info. For parking and other use-cases, where the camera can see the vehicle approaching, you can decrease this parameter to speed up the time it takes to open the gate, etc.
  • Memory Decay  Set the time between when Stream will detect that same vehicle again. By default, vehicle details stay in memory for 300 seconds. So if the same vehicle is seen within 300 seconds, our engine will capture the plate only once.
  • Frame Sampling   Have Stream process every nth frame of a video or camera feed. This can a good way to optimize and minimize hardware resources (e.g. CPU, RAM) in situations where vehicles are driving under 30-40 mph. 
  • Without Plates   Detect vehicles without license plates. 
  • Detection Zone  Mask out portions of the camera that you want Stream to ignore. 
  • Video or Camera  Indicate if you want Stream to process a live RTSP camera feed or any video in ffmpeg format, such as MP4.
  • Multiple Videos  Programmatically analyze multiple video files via a CURL command.
  • Webhook Parameters  Send webhooks with the original image, just the vehicle image, or no image at all.  Or, easily forward to ParkPow for full ALPR Dashboard and Parking Management features.
  • Strict Mode  Accept only license plates that abide to your region’s regular expression of license plates.
  • Image Format  Save license plate images in a particular folder with a specific filename. For example, images can be saved as one folder per camera with each image named as camera_timestamp. 
  • Save to CSV  Save license plate readings in a simple CSV file.  View “live” CSV file with Notepad++.
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Pricing for a Win-Win

Plate Recognizer Stream pricing starts at $35/month per camera – with no limits on # lookups.

Perpetual, one-time license fee available upon request — for situations where there’s absolutely no Internet connection.

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Common Use Cases for Stream

Highway Monitoring

Track vehicles at various junction points of a highway.

Police Surveillance

Catch stolen vehicles and identify potential criminals via license plate recognition.

Gated Community

Monitor cars coming in and out and get alerts when a denied vehicle is found.

Need Help with ALPR?

Let us know and we’d be happy to assist.