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ANPR Software, Misc

Open Source References

“The software sources listed below are used in various aspects of Plate Recognizer.

We are thankful for the open source software community in helping us build the best product possible to serve the various needs of our customers. “

Automatic license plate recognition ALPR for law enforcement
ANPR Software, Misc

ALPR in the News

When automated license plate readers (ALPRs) are used for street-level surveillance, is it an invasion of privacy? Should the average person be concerned about the LPR cameras mounted at intersections, strip malls, schools and gated communities? Why does law enforcement speak so strongly in favor of license plate readers while

ANPR Software, Misc

LPR Software – 5 Myths Debunked

LPR stands for license plate recognition. So LPR software is a program or other operating information computers use to recognize license plates and “understand” the numbers and letters they contain. Whenever something is complex, as can be the case with license plate reader software, there’s room for misunderstanding.

Car Wash Software ANPR
Misc, Product

ALPR for Car Wash

Car wash owners often operate on a subscription basis that can deliver consistent profits, but only if they can prevent misuse and provide excellent service. Car wash ALPR makes it easy to do both. For car washes, demand stays consistent year-round because drivers who like clean vehicles have to work

Misc, Product

Process License Plates from Videos Super Fast

Can you use ALPR for videos, or is it just for processing camera feeds? Why would you want to process ALPR from videos, and who might benefit from this capability? We answer these and other frequently asked questions about automatic license plate recognition and videos. Some people are surprised to

Cheapest Cow RFID
ANPR Software, Misc

Best Alternative to Cow RFID

If you raise or manage livestock, you face ongoing challenges when it comes to increasing productivity, cutting costs and growing profit margins. While RFID has been proposed as a possible solution, it has drawbacks. You might not have realized these advantages of using ALPR over RFID were steering you right

License Plate Recognition Curbside Pickup Time to Enjoy
Misc, Product

ALPR for Curbside Pickup – 6 Key Benefits for 2022

Consumers increasingly prefer the safety and convenience of buying online, then having their order brought to them at stores and restaurants. Organizations that provide fast, accurate service get repeat business and higher sales, but doing so is tough. We’ll explain why using ALPR for curbside pickup benefits everyone

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