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OpenALPR alternatives comparison on ANPR mobile
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ANPR for Mobile Phones

ANPR, also known as Automatic Number Plate Recognition, (or Automatic License Plate Recognition, ALPR, in some countries), is software that decodes vehicle license plates. While it previously operated purely on stationary cameras (think roadside cameras or closed-circuit television), this type of technology has started to evolve.

ANPR GDPR Number Plate Recognition
ANPR Software, Misc, Product

GDPR Compliance for ANPR

While ANPR may just seem like another tech acronym, chances are you come into contact with this software more often than you realize in your daily life. ANPR, or automated number plate recognition, is technology that’s used in a variety of cases like highway monitoring, parking management, and vehicle fraud

Camera Setup Best ANPR Zoom
ANPR Software, Misc, Product

Best ANPR Camera System Setup

Automatic Number Plate Recognition, or ANPR, is a great asset to law enforcement, parking management, highway monitoring, gated community surveillance, toll management and other uses. However, for professionals and hobbyists alike, there are several issues with ANPR camera setup that impedes its accuracy. If your license plate reader accuracy rate

License Plate Blur FOIA car accident
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Blur License Plates for FOIA

We live in a world where honoring people’s right to privacy and exposing information for the public interest has never been so controversial or contradictory. On the one hand, we feel entitled to have access to all information and on the other hand, we want our privacies preserved. It can

Number plate recognition for Brazil
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ANPR for Brazil

The need for Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) systems in countries all over the world has been on the increase. In this article, we will talk about license plates and ANPR specifically for the country of Brazil. We here at Plate Recognizer have worked relentlessly to refine our ANPR algorithms

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