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GDPR Compliance for ANPR

GDPR has special requirements for ANPR. So all organizations looking to deploy automatic number plate recognition must be very careful in choosing the right ANPR partner . At Plate Recognizer, we’ve built our ANPR engine from the ground up with GDPR in mind and comply with GDPR guidelines on the dimensions of data storage, user request, data privacy and more.

ANPR Software, Misc, Product

ANPR for Mobile Phones

Great, high-accuracy ALPR is possible on a mobile phone! With our approach, you can achieve this quickly, easily and cost-effectively on your Android or iPhone device. Leverage your phone’s connectivity and get automatic license plate recogntion in seconds with Plate Recognizer Cloud API and On-Premise SDK.

ANPR Software, Misc

ANPR for India

India ANPR is challenging, with the many license plates styles. We have tuned our ANPR engine to achieve high accuracy rates to help clients in India succeed with their ANPR projects.

ANPR Software, Product

ANPR on Raspberry Pi

Plate Recognizer is proud to announce that its automatic license plate recognition On-Premise SDK technology now supports the Raspberry Pi. What can be better than a high accuracy ALPR on a low-cost Raspberry Pi device?!

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