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Are you a proficient writter? Have some insights to share in the area of smart cities, parking, toll, insurance and other topics? If so, you’re in the right place. Read below on our guidelines for Guest Bloggers on our site.

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ALPR for Car Wash

Car wash owners often operate on a subscription basis that can deliver consistent profits, but only if they can prevent misuse and provide excellent service. Car wash ALPR makes it easy to do both. For car washes, demand stays consistent year-round because drivers who like clean vehicles have to work

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ALPR from Videos – What You May Not Know

Can you use ALPR for videos, or is it just for processing camera feeds? Why would you want to process ALPR from videos, and who might benefit from this capability? We answer these and other frequently asked questions about automatic license plate recognition and videos. Some people are surprised to

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Best Alternative to Cow RFID

If you raise or manage livestock, you face ongoing challenges when it comes to increasing productivity, cutting costs and growing profit margins. While RFID has been proposed as a possible solution, it has drawbacks. You might not have realized these advantages of using ALPR over RFID were steering you right

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ALPR on Windows

Automatic License Plate Recognition technology makes traffic and parking management simple and efficient when you find the right solution. Having ALPR on Windows puts your data within reach from any computer, at any time.

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ALPR for Curbside Pickup – 6 Key Benefits

Consumers increasingly prefer the safety and convenience of buying online, then having their order brought to them at stores and restaurants. Organizations that provide fast, accurate service get repeat business and higher sales, but doing so is tough. We’ll explain why using ALPR for curbside pickup benefits everyone

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ALPR Dashboard

ALPR Dashboard Overview Chart for license plate recognition See quick glance activity chart.
Easily identify number of vehicles by the popular tags.
Drill-down into a pre-defined or custom time period.”

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ALPR With Portainer and Kerberos

“Do you have a Raspberry Pi? Have you have been wondering how you could use your Pi with an ALPR software? Worry no more as Plate Recognizer now supports as a VMS for Raspberry Pi.

In this article, we will walk you through the steps to getting our ALPR software up and running on your Raspberry Pi.”

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ALPR for Xilinx Zynq

Plate Recognizer, the leader in Automatic License Plate Recognition (APPR) software, remains committed to improving their ALPR software to effectively support variety of hardware. Plate Recognizer has taken another big leap as we are proud to announce that our license plate recognition On-Premise SDK technology now supports Xilinx Zynq Boards.

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