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Accurate, Fast, Developer- Friendly ANPR

Automatic Number Plate Recognition software that works in all environments, optimized for your location.

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Upload an image (up to 3MB) and we’ll decode the license plate.

Decisively Precise

Our ANPR deep learning AI thrives in imperfect conditions. It eats blurry, dark, angled images for breakfast. Discover what we’ve accomplished with ANPR challenges in India and the US.

Decodes Images, Camera & Videos

We’ve got the advanced technology to capture plates from images with Snapshot; live camera feeds and video with Stream.

Full of Feature

Our ANPR captures everything from basic vehicle make, model, and color, to more complex data like travel direction. We even have webhooks for easy integration.

On-Premise & Cloud

Software solutions built for customizable customer use cases, with or without internet, on a variety of hardware types.

Speed that Kills

Snapshot and Stream were built for speed without needing a GPU. Snapshot speeds average 50-100 ms, depending on your processor. 

Reliable In Over 90 Countries

Our ANPR engine has been fine-tuned for license plate recognition accuracy in over 90 countries.

ANPR that Works

Works on Blurry Images

Works When Plate is at an Angle

Works in Dark Environment

Works When Vehicle is Driving Fast

Works on Low-Res Images

Works on Plates with Icons

Works with Multiple Vehicles

Works on Plates with 2 Rows

See our full assessment of ANPR results.

Environmental conditions are never ideal. Weather can be a factor, along with the time of day. Number plates vary by region. They can get bent, crumpled, and partially covered. Vehicles travel at different speeds. Customers can’t always place high-quality cameras at an ideal angle in precisely the right spot. But, the number plate data still needs to be definitively accurate. We built our ANPR technology with all those challenges in mind. So government, police, and security services can confidently gather accurate data that helps secure communities around the world. Nonetheless, our software is used by a wide range of businesses including toll plazas, gated communities, weigh systems, snowy towns where visibility is limited, and even drones. Our ANPR software is so advanced that many car wash businesses trust our software to see through the dirt and grime for an accurate license plate capture

Feature-Rich ANPR

ALPR ANPR License Plate Recognition Software
  • License Plate: pl8rec
  • Type: Sedan
  • Region: US-CA
  • Make: BMW
  • Model: 3 series
  • Color: Blue
  • Orientation: Rear

Plate Recognizer Snapshot

ALPR license plate reader images API
  • INPUT: Takes image in any format.
  • OUTPUT: Decodes license plate, vehicle make, model, color and more!
  • HARDWARE: Runs via Cloud or On-Premise SDK (no Internet required) on Windows, Linux, Jetson, Pi and more.
  • SPEED: Fast inference speed for SDK (50 ms) and Cloud (200 ms).
  • MORE: Sample code in 8 languages, Webhooks, Dashboard and more!

Snapshot takes images in any format and outputs decoded number plates, along with a vehicle’s make, model, and color. Snapshot’s cloud or on-premise SDK can flexibly run on Windows, Linux, Jetson, Pi, and others. It delivers a speedy 50ms inference speed for SDK and 200ms for cloud. See its sample code in 8 different languages, available webhooks, and sample dashboards.

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Plate Recognizer Stream

  • INPUT: Takes live camera or video.
  • OUTPUT: Detects vehicles and decodes license plate, vehicle make, model, color and more.
  • HARDWARE: Runs On Premise on Linux, Windows, Jetson (+GPU) and Mac.
  • SPEED: Processes 4 cameras simultaneously on a mid-range PC.
  • MORE: Includes Webhooks, Dashboard with custom alerts, etc.
ANPR number plate recognition camera video stream

Whether you’re gathering ANPR camera data from live feeds or video, Plate Recognizer’s Stream can process and decode automatic number plate recognition data quickly and efficiently, typically processing 4 cameras simultaneously on a mid-range PC. Stream detects vehicles with and without number plates, while also detecting vehicle make, model, and color. Stream runs on-premise on Windows, Mac, Raspberry Pi, and Jetson (with a GPU). Our Stream is so fast and accurate that it can handle mobile police surveillance with cameras mounted inside the police cruiser or even slow-speed parking situations. Our software is so fast that we even have ANPR for mobile phones.

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Plate Recognizer Blur

Blur license plates software
  • INPUT: Takes small or large images.
  • OUTPUT: Blurs all license plates (e.g. slanted, partial, dented, etc).
  • HARDWARE: Runs on Linux or Windows with no Internet required.
  • SPEED: Is fast and efficient, processing images at <50 ms.
  • MORE: Get sample code in 8 languages, adjust blurriness level!

Blur by Plate Recognizer ensures that your organization adheres to local privacy regulations by blurring all number plates and faces as requested in output files gathered from small or large images. The deep-learning AI ensures that even slanted, partial, or dented images are blurred. Blur runs on Linux or Windows with no required Internet. Blur efficiently processes images at 50ms, with users controlling blurriness levels. See sample code in 8 languages.

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Better ANPR

Of course, we think we’re better than our competitors. Unlike some of them, we think we’ve got a good case for being so confident in our beliefs. For starters, we’re relentlessly passionate about moving toward 100% accuracy. Will it ever happen? Hard to say. But in the meantime, we work toward the goal in four different ways.

– First, by regularly enhancing our algorithm to support real-life environments. Our AI engine learns as it goes.

– Second, we also are obsessed with regional differences, allowing us to improve locations one area at a time.

– Third, we deliver engine updates every 3-6 weeks, compared to 6-12 months for other suppliers.

– Fourth, we’re so confident that we offer you a no-credit-card-required free trial so you can test on your own.

Does it matter? Ask our competitors as you evaluate our capabilities vs. theirs. Then, come back to sign up for our free ANPR trial.


Focus on the Plate

ALPR reduce false positives license plate recognition

Reduce false positives with Plate Recognizer.   See results of our ANPR tests!

How horrible it would be for a system to think that there are 20 cars in the parking lot rather than 17 real vehicles!  We use our deep learning automatic number-plate recognition AI engine to reduce false positives by teaching the system what’s NOT a number plate. While bumper stickers, brand messages, and other vehicle data might confuse other ANPR systems, these distractions don’t detract us from getting our data. Reducing false positives ensures that personnel need not waste time tracking down invalid information, and users can be confident in the results.

Test Drive ANPR for Free

We’re happy to talk about what our ANPR software can do. But you’ve got to see it to believe it. That’s why we’re offering a FREE trial of Snapshot or Stream, starting now.

Get more details on our pricing plans here. Snapshot pricing is based on how many lookups you use per month, while Stream is priced per camera. No matter what you choose, you’ll discover that Plate Recognizer offers some of the most affordable ANPR plan options.

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Some ANPR Applications

As our ANPR gets more accurate and technology advances, organizations look to not only use number plate data to secure areas but also to accelerate customer engagements at secure site locations like construction sites, communities, parking lots, and more. The following is a trio of everyday use applications. Plate Recognizer welcomes the opportunity to work with your team to find new use cases for our software to make your physical location more safe, secure, and user-friendly.

Parking Management

Are the vehicles at your physical location abiding by the parking policy? Imagine getting an alert when a violation occurs. Find out how it works in our Parking Enforcement solution. 

Highway Monitoring

Plate Recognizer ANPR systems can monitor critical junctions 24/7 to identify stolen vehicles, track hot lists, and more!  Understand traffic flow in a whole new level with our analytics platform.

Gated Communities

Keep your premises safe by knowing who’s coming and going.  Sure, people can visit, but make sure that they’re not parking overnight.

Drive Thrus

Keep track of how many unique vehicles come through your restaurant’s drive thru on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Perform a quick search for specific vehicles on a specific date and time range in the event an emergency situation occurs. These are just a couple reasons why our ANPR software can be great for drive thrus. 

Gas Stations

Needless to say, the benefits gas station owners receive from running accurate ANPR software far outweigh the cost in most cases. From getting accurate consumer data to catching thieves and vandals, there are numerous reasons why every gas station owner should incorporate lightening fast ANPR software into their camera security system!

Toll Management

Increase revenue with efficient toll management. How fast could toll road traffic move if all tolls were collected automatically based on plate numbers instead of RFID chips? How many more customers would travel the toll roads if they could avoid the RFID requirement or cash payment lines!

Supported Countries for ANPR

Plate Recognizer proudly serves over 90 countries on 6 continents. Sorry, we’ve got nothing for Antarctica (yet).

Love from Around the World

The Plate Recognizer team has been second to none as we developed our product. They are our partners for the long term!

Caleb W., CEO

Plate Rec is highly responsive to our business and technical needs.

Giancarlo T., Product Manager

Plate Rec ALPR is powerful and accurate. We are thankful for a fruitful partnership.

Renato L., CTO

The Plate Rec team is always there to support us whenever we need it.

Dinh T, CEO

We selected Plate Rec after some rigorous benchmarking — and never looked back!

Ramkumar S, Director
USA & India

Plate Rec is committed to our success and is super-easy to work with!

Sacha D., CTO

You don’t have to believe everything we say. But you should read what our customers say. From countries as diverse as Vietnam to Brazil and Italy, our customer partners are here to stay. They see us as partners (and us, them). Together we are improving ANPR accuracy rates and connectivity every day. Some are sticklers about our benchmarks, and others rave about our support.

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