Automatic License Plate Recognition API

Accurate, fast and easy to use API for license plate recognition. Trained on data from over 100 countries and regions around the world.

Try it out! Pick a picture of a vehicle.

Works on blurry/dark images. Works if the vehicle is sideway.

car number plate


license plate
car number plate


license plate
car number plate


license plate
car number plate


license plate
car number plate


license plate
car number plate


license plate
  curl -o /tmp/car.jpg # Get an image
  curl -F 'upload=@/tmp/car.jpg' \
  -H 'Authorization: Token 123456' \
Made for Developers

Integrate with our ANPR API in a few lines of code and get an easy to use JSON response with the number plate value of the vehicle.

Installing a license plate recognition software is time consuming and requires high compute capabilities. Trust our cloud service to read number plates from any country. Go with high accuracy and simplicity! Contrary to other automatic license plate software, you don't even need to provide country hints. And no special hardware is required to get great results. Some examples of how to interface with our API are on this Github project. It lets you call the API on all the files of a directory and analyse the frames of a video.

Need software for parking enforcement?
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How people are using our service

  • Improve parking enforcement. Track license plates for automatic access control. Create an automated system to scan images of parked cars and their license plates while patrolling streets. For example you could set cameras taking rapid images of parked cars and licenses plates as officers drive along streets. The images are then sent to our API for recognition.
  • Secure your property. Automatically detect license plates and compare them to your list of unwanted vehicles. Replace physical permits with license plate recognition.
  • Improve customer service. Identify customers as they arrive and alert your team with relevant information. For example, John Smith arrived for his appointment.
  • Improve parkings. Our API makes it easy to monitor parking usage. With that information you can give your customers live updates about parking availability. They could also reserve a spot and pay in advance. You can also create a ticketless parking. The license plate can be used as the vehicle identity.


Pricing options



Per month
  • 2500 recognitions
  • Max 1 call / second
Small Business


Per month
  • 50000 recognitions
  • Max 2 calls / second


Per month
  • 200000 recognitions
  • Max 2 calls / second
Custom Plan

We also offer custom solutions if you have specific needs.

Need software for parking enforcement? Visit, our parent company.

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