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Accurate, Fast, Developer- Friendly ALPR

Automatic License Plate Recognition software that works in all environments, optimized for your location.

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Upload an image (up to 3MB) and we’ll decode the license plate.

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Our algo handles plates that are blurry, dark, angled, and much more! See our ALPR in India or USA.

Images & Videos

We handle both. Snapshot decodes plates from images. Stream processes live camera or video files.


Get vehicle make, model, color, region, direction of travel, Webhooks, Dashboard, and more! Blur plates too!

On-Premise & Cloud

We provide both cloud and on-premise software (no Internet required) on a variety of hardware.

Fast, Nimble

Snapshot’s inference speed is 50-100 ms and Stream processes 5-10 cameras on a mid-range CPU.  No GPU needed!

Proven Globally

Our ALPR engine supports over 90 countries and is tuned to your specific region.

ALPR that Works

Works on Blurry Images

Works When Plate is at an Angle

Works in Dark Environment

Works When Vehicle is Driving Fast

Works on Low-Res Images

Works on Plates with Icons

Works with Multiple Vehicles

Works on Plates with 2 Rows

See our full assessment of ALPR results.

Feature-Rich ALPR

ALPR ANPR License Plate Recognition Software
  • License Plate: pl8rec
  • Type: Sedan
  • Region: US-CA
  • Direction: 90 degrees
  • Make: BMW
  • Model: 3 series
  • Color: Blue
  • Orientation: Rear

Plate Recognizer Snapshot ALPR

ALPR license plate reader images API
  • INPUT: Takes image in any format.
  • OUTPUT: Decodes license plate, vehicle make, model, color and more!
  • HARDWARE: Runs via Cloud or On-Premise SDK (no Internet required) on Windows, Linux, Jetson, Pi and more.
  • SPEED: Fast inference speed for SDK (50 ms) and Cloud (200 ms).
  • MORE: Sample code in 8 languages, Webhooks, Dashboard and more!
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Plate Recognizer Stream ALPR

  • INPUT: Takes live camera or video.
  • OUTPUT: Detects vehicles (with and without) license plate, make, model, color and more.
  • HARDWARE: Runs in our cloud or on-premise on Linux, Windows, Jetson (+GPU), Raspberry Pi.
  • SPEED: Processes 4 cameras simultaneously on a mid-range PC.
  • MORE: Includes Webhooks, Dashboard with custom alerts, etc.
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ANPR number plate recognition camera video stream

Plate Recognizer Blur

Plate Recognizer Blur ALPR Redacation
  • INPUT: Process images or video files.
  • OUTPUT: Blurs all license plates and faces (e.g. slanted, partial, dented, etc).
  • HARDWARE: Runs on Linux or Windows with no Internet required.
  • VIDEOS: Just upload video files and we’ll do the rest.
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Plate Recognizer Container ID

  • INPUT: Takes small or large images.
  • Output: Returns Product Group Code, Registration Number and Check Number values.
  • HARDWARE: Runs in our Cloud, with on-premise SDK coming soon!
  • SPEED: Is fast and efficient, processing images at 250 ms via Cloud.
  • MORE: See sample API integration code.
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Plate Recognizer USDOT OCR

Plate Recognizer USDOT OCR Detection
  • INPUT: Takes small or large images.
  • OUTPUT: Returns USDOT number.
  • Hardware: Runs in our Cloud, with on-premise SDK coming soon!
  • SPEED: Is fast and efficient, processing images at 250 ms via Cloud.
  • MORE: See sample API integration code.
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Better ALPR

Environment Matters. It’s easy to decode a license plate from a high-res photo of a vehicle on a sunny day. But we know that in reality, the weather and other conditions are not always ideal. We have been relentlessly enhancing our algorithms to support various “real-life” factors, such as sun glare, blurry images, fast vehicles, night-time, and many more.

Self-Learning. Our ALPR engine is like a teenager, it continues to learn. This means we can fine-tune our engine to help meet your specific needs, such as a certain camera angle or lighting condition. See how we worked to improve our ALPR for India, USA, Brazil, Thailand, Germany and more!

Location-Optimized. Let’s face it–not all plates are the same. Some have two rows of text. Some have icons at the beginning, middle or end of the plate. Some contain fancy fonts. Thankfully, our ALPR engine supports them all and is tuned specifically for your region.

Five is Better than One. Unlike other LPR providers, we can return up to 5 decoded license plates from one image. We achieve this by utilizing two distinct neural networks. One identifies all the photos of license plates from an image and the other decodes each character of the plate.

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ALPR with Minimal False Positives

ALPR reduce false positives license plate recognition

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Get a Free Trial of Snapshot or Stream!   See our Pricing plans.

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Some ALPR Applications

Parking Management

Ensure that vehicles are abiding to your parking policy. Get alerts when there’s a violation. Check out our Parking Enforcement solution!

Highway Monitoring

Monitor vehicles at different junctions of the highway, identify stolen vehicles and more!

Toll Management

Collect toll automatically based on plate number without the need for RFID!

Supported Countries for ALPR

See the full list of over 90 countries worldwide!

Love from Around the World

The Plate Recognizer team has been second to none as we developed our product. They are our partners for the long term!

Caleb W., CEO

Plate Rec is highly responsive to our business and technical needs.

Giancarlo T., Product Manager

Plate Rec ALPR is powerful and accurate. We are thankful for a fruitful partnership.

Renato L., CTO

The Plate Rec team is always there to support us whenever we need it.

Dinh T, CEO

We selected Plate Rec after some rigorous benchmarking — and never looked back!

Ramkumar S, Director
USA & India

Plate Rec is committed to our success and is super-easy to work with!

Sacha D., CTO