Number plate datasets

Dataset of license plate photos for computer vision. Some research groups provide clean and annotated datasets. However most dataset are rather small. Those dataset may be used by any object detection frameworks like YOLO or SSD if the bounding boxes are provided. However some work is necessary to reformat the dataset.
Holistic Recognition of Low Quality License Plates by CNN using Track Annotated Data
Datasets of number plate images. It can be used to train machine learning algorithms. Some of those datasets may contain restrictions. Please see links for details.
900 of cars with gray LP; 300 of cars with red LP; 300 of motorcycles with gray LP. The dataset is released for academic research only, and is free to researchers from educational or research institutes for non-commercial purposes.
500 images of the rear views.
License Plate Detection, Recognition and Automated Storage. Has around 500 images of the rear views.
Medialab LPR database
Unlabeled dataset of vehicles with a variety of image conditions (blur, shadow, day/night). Around 1000 images.

License plate websites

The characters of the license plate may be missing and no bounding boxes are provided. A web scraper is necessary to collect the data.
Olav's License Plate Pictures
Amateur website with photographs of license/ number/ registration plates from more than 90 countries. Does not include bounding boxes.
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Plates Mania
Internet project dedicated to vehicle registration plates and everything pertaining to them: history, manufacturing technologies, usage and statistics of issues.
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License plate portal
Amateur website. License plates from a wide variety of countries. The data is unstructured and extraction is not convenient.
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