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Network Optix Integration

We have two approaches to integrate ALPR with Network Optix:

  1. Stream to NX.  Run Stream on-premise and forward ALPR results straight into NX.  Watch 5 minute video.
  2. NX to Plate Rec Cloud.  NX alerts Plate Recognizer of motion events and creates a bookmark of the motion event.  We then grab a short video clip to analyze for ALPR.  Results are sent over to ParkPow Dashboard.  Watch 7 minute video.

Approach #1: Stream to NX

See instructions on how to Install Stream on a Linux, Windows, Jetson or Raspberry Pi machine.

Then, run our Stream-NX integration software to forward Stream Webhook Events to Network Optix as Alerts.


Approach #2: NX to Plate Rec Cloud

Step 1.1. Sign up on Plate Recognizer.

Step 1.2  Log into Plate Recognizer and go to Apps > VMS Integrations > Network Optix and click Yes to request for a free trial with Network Optix.

Network Optix ALPR ANPR

Step 1.3.  On the Plate Recognizer Activate NX page, enter your NX Server username, password and Server URL.  

Step 1.4.  Enter the Country Code(s), such as us-fl for Florida or gb for the United Kingdom.  Full Country Codes can be found here.

If your server is not directly accessible via the Internet, then proceed to Step 1.5.  Otherwise, go to Step 2.1.


NX ALPR license plate recognition set up

NOTE: Please do Steps 1.5-1.9 if your server is not directly accessible via the internet.

Step 1.5.  Connect your server to the  NX cloud then use the cloud proxy URL which is in this format:
[system id]

Step 1.6.  Check the next screenshot for where the system id is located. So like in this case the URL to use is (just an example):

NX ANPR number plate recognition NxMeta

Step 1.7. Go to System Administration Settings.  Right click to popup the menu.

NX Vsaas ALPR license plate recognition NxMeta

Step 1.8.  Click on the Cloud tab then enter your cloud credentials and connect.

Network Optix ALPR ANPR NxMeta

Step 1.9.  Login to the Cloud Portal to verify and get your System ID.  

Network Optix LPR NxMeta Developer Portal

Configure Cameras

Step 2.1.  To add your Cameras to Plate Recognizer, click on the + sign under Action.

Network Optix LPR plate reader

Step 2.2.  Enter your Camera ID then click Submit.

Network Optix ALPR ANPR add NX camera

Step 2.3.  In Network Optix, identify that camera.  Right click on that Camera Name and select Camera Settings.  

NX Witness License Plate Reader ALPR

Step 2.4.  Turn on Recording for that selected camera.

NX Witness Number Plate Reader ANPR

Step 2.5.  Turn on Motion Detection for that selected camera.  

NX Vsaas ALPR license plate recognition NxMeta motion detection

Step 2.6.  You will need to configure 2 Rules for each of the cameras added to Plate Recognizer.

For the Bookmark Rule:

  • Select When on Camera,
  • At Recording,
  • Do Bookmark,
  • At that selected camera.

For pre- and post-recording, you can leave it at 5 seconds.

NX Witness License Plate Reader System Nx Add

Step 2.7.  For the Motion Detection Rule:

  • Select When on Camera,
  • At Recording,
  • Do HTTP Request,
  • Check No more than 1 per second,
  • In Interval of action, Set No More Than Once Per 60 Seconds,
  • For HTTP URL:
  • For HTTP Content: Enter the Camera_UID.  See example (remember the quotes):
  • For Content Type: Enter application/json

Then click OK.

NOTE: Please make sure that the Camera_UID is entered in correctly.

NX ALPR license plate reader NxMeta add event

See ALPR Results

The best way to view the ALPR results is on ParkPow!  Our sister company, ParkPow provides a full ALPR Dashboard and Parking Management solution so you can:

  • Search vehicles by plate, timeframe, site, type, color, etc.
  • Enforce parking policies (e.g. 3 hour limit for guests).
  • Create custom alerts and get notified when specific vehicles (e.g. denied, visitor) arrive.
  • See and track full vehicle details with Vehicle CRM.
  • Easily integrate data from other systems.   

You can optionally use webhooks to forward the ALPR results with your existing application or system.


ALPR Dashboard Overview Chart for license plate recognition

Step 3.1. Go to ParkPow.

Step 3.2.  Click to sign in with your Plate Recognizer account.

That’s it!  You’re done!

IPConfigure ALPR Sign In

Some Good Tips

Able to see LPR results in ParkPow?  If not, then make sure to:

If you are still stuck, then Contact Us and include a screenshot of a vehicle passing through the camera.


Camera Setup Best ANPR Zoom

Need Help with LPR?

Let us know and we’d be happy to assist.

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