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Meraki Camera Integration

We have created a clean, effective way to get license plate recognition with Meraki cameras.  This integration utilizes our MQTT Broker to “listen” to real-time events from the camera. This integration requires each camera to have a Meraki MV Sense license.  If this is your organization’s first time using MV Sense, you will have 10 free perpetual licenses available to use. Watch our 3 minute video of Plate Rec ALPR with Meraki!

Request Certificate from Plate Recognizer

Step 1.1.  After you sign up on Plate Recognizer, go to

Step 1.2.  Select Integrate with camera software.  





Step 1.3.  Click on Request Certificate blue button.

Please wait up to 12 hours for us to approve your account.  We only approve accounts with a valid business email address

Once account is approved, you will receive an email notification with the CA Certificate.

Meraki ALPR
Meraki ALPR request certificate

Create Meraki Dashboard API Key

We require a Meraki Dashboard API Key so that we can retrieve the images from your camera.

For security reasons, we recommend that you create a new admin user to manage just the cameras that require ALPR. 

This way, Plate Recognizer will only have access to a specific network and cameras within that specific network.  Please do NOT share your entire organization.  Read Create New Organization in Meraki.

Step 2.1.  Go to Organization > Configure > Administrators and click on Create Admin.

ALPR Cisco Meraki License Recognition Plate Dashboard Key

Step 2.2.  To generate a new API Key, navigate to My Profile in the top right corner then scroll down to the API access section.

ALPR Cisco Meraki License Plate Recognition API Key

Activate MQTT on Plate Recognizer

Step 3.1.  Once you have done the above steps, go to

Step 3.2.  Enter your Meraki API Key that you just created in the steps above.

Step 3.3.  Enter the Country Code(s), such as us-fl for Florida or gb for the United Kingdom.  Full Country Codes can be found here.

ALPR Cisco Meraki License Plate Recognition Activate Camera

Configure MQTT Broker

Step 4.1. Log into your Meraki Dashboard online.

Step 4.2. Navigate to Cameras > Monitor > Cameras and select the camera you would like to enable MV Sense on.

Meraki ALPR ANPR Camera Selection

Step 4.3.  Once the camera is selected, go to Settings > Sense.

Step 4.4.  Click Enabled to activate MQTT settings.

Step 4.5.  To enable MQTT on your camera and create a new MQTT broker configuration click Add or edit MQTT Brokers.

ALPR Cisco Meraki License Plate Recognition MV Sense

Step 4.6.  Enter the following information for your MQTT Broker:

    1. Broker Name – Name for the broker (e.g. PlateRecognizer).
    3. Port – 8883
    4. Security – Enable TLS. 
    5. CA Cert PEMUpload the CA signed certificate we sent you.
    6. TLS Hostname verification – Disabled.
ALPR Cisco Meraki License Plate MQTT Broker

Step 4.7.  Test the connection between the camera and the broker to ensure communication.

After adding the MQTT Broker, the Settings page should look like the screenshot on the right.

Please note that:

  • The Test Connection button only works if the CA file has just been added.  When it is showing “Certificate saved to cloud”, it does not work.
  • However, the MQTT connection works even when the Test Correction button fails.
  • We have raised this issue to the Meraki team under Case Number 05754663.
ALPR Cisco Meraki License Plate Recognition MQTT Broker Set

You’re done!

Please wait up to 1 hour and you can see results in the Plate Recognizer Dashboard. 

Now, with our MQTT Integration with Meraki cameras, when a vehicle is detected by MV Sense, the image will be sent to Plate Recognizer Snapshot Cloud to decode the vehicle plate. 

You can optionally use webhooks to integrate the ALPR results with your existing application or system.

Or, you can also forward the ALPR results to ParkPow for a full analytics dashboard with optional parking management features.

Stuck?  Go to Help Center for immediate assistance.

See Results

Step 4.1. View the ALPR results in your Plate Recognizer Dashboard. To access the Dashboard, just sign in to your Plate Recognizer Account.

ALPR license plate recognition dashboard

Step 4.2. Click on the Images tab to view the images sent to Plate Recognizer that did not result in a license plate decoded. This tab can help you better configure the camera settings.

Plate Recognizer ALPR Online Dashboard Images

Need Help?

Able to see LPR results in ParkPow?  If not, then make sure to:

  • Set up the camera correctly for LPR.  See Camera Setup for Best ALPR.
  • Double-check the steps to Configure MQTT Broker.  Refer to Step 4.

If you are still stuck, then Contact Us and include a screenshot of a vehicle passing through the camera.


Camera Setup Best ANPR Zoom

Need Help with LPR?

Let us know and we’d be happy to assist.