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Axis Integration

Customers with Axis cameras can easily get Plate Recognizer LPR! Just follow the steps below:

Configure Motion Detection in Axis Camera

Before you begin, please make sure that the Axis camera clock is set up properly to the current time.

We recommend watching this video on Axis Motion Detection

Step 1.1. Find the IP address for the Axis camera using this IP Utility Tool.

Step 1.2. Log in to the Axis camera web server page with the IP address.

Step 1.3. Go to the Apps tab and click to open Axis Video Motion Detection app. If this is not already installed, you can download and install the app from the Axis website using the +Add option.

Axis LPR Camera Setup

Step 1.4. Click the Open button. This window appears:

Axis ALPR motion detection license plates

Step 1.5. Create a new Profile and set the motion detection regions and exclusions.

Step 1.6. Once motion profile is set up, close the new window.

Axis ALPR license plate recognition

Stuck? Contact Us for assistance.

Set Plate Recognizer HTTPS for Axis Camera

Now that you have set up motion detection on your Axis camera, you can now configure the camera to send the image over to Plate Recognizer when motion is detected.

Please note that the Free Trial API Cloud Plan has a 1 lookup per second limit. If you send more than 1 lookup per second, the other image(s) within that second will be ignored by our Snapshot API Cloud.

Step 2.1. Click on the System tab and select Events.

Axis ANPR Events Action Rules

Step 2.2. Click on Recipients and add a new Recipient. This is the endpoint that will receive the image when motion is detected.

Copy/paste the code below into URL field. Make sure to change the blue terms below with your information.


  1. Get MY_TOKEN from Plate Rec Account Page.
  2. Replace YOUR_CAMERA_ID to whatever you desire.
  3. Replace XX and XY with the desired region from our Countries list.
  4. The URL above includes Vehicle MMC detection.  If you don’t have Vehicle MMC in your plan, then omit &mmc=true.
  5. The URL above sets detection-mode to vehicles.  Please keep this.

Please ignore the Login Credentials section.

Axis ANPR Action Recipient for license plate recognition

Step 2.3. Click on Events and create a new Action Rule. Select the Recipient you’d just created.

Axis ANPR Action Rule Setup

Step 2.4. Close the Event window.

Step 2.5. Activate the new trigger by checking the box next to the Action Rule created.

You’re done! Go here to see some helpful Tips on Camera Setup for ALPR.

Stuck? Check out Contact Us for assistance.

See Results

Step 3.1. View the ALPR results in your Plate Recognizer Dashboard. To access the Dashboard, just sign in to your Plate Recognizer Account

ALPR license plate recognition dashboard

Need Help with LPR?

Let us know and we’d be happy to assist.