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License Plate Recognition for Blue Iris

Easy-to-use, high-accuracy Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) that’s pre-integrated with Blue Iris Software.

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Just copy-paste your Plate Recognizer Token inside Blue Iris. Images triggered by motion detection will be sent to Plate Rec to decode.

High Accuracy ALPR

Our engine decodes blurry, dark, low-res and other images. We’ve built our ALPR to support the real-world.

Easy-to-Use Dashboard

See all the decoded plates in a nice, clean dashboard.

ALPR that Works

Works on Blurry Images

Works When Plate is at an Angle

Works in Dark Environment

Works When Vehicle is Driving Fast

Works on Low-Res Images

Works on Plates with Icons

Works with Multiple Vehicles

Works on Plates with 2 Rows

Test Drive for Free

Sign up, get your Plate Recognizer Token, copy/paste Token inside Blue Iris and that’s it! No credit card required.

Get Started

Easy-to-Use Dashboard

  • Comprehensive: See all decoded plates on one screen.
  • Easy to Use: Quickly search and filter to get what you need.
  • 7 Days: Data will be retained for the last 7 days.
  • More: features to come!

ALPR on Cloud API or SDK

Cloud API

  • Analyzes images of vehicles and responds with decoded license plate.
  • Returns API call within 200 ms 95% of the time.
  • Supports images up to 3 MB.
  • Supports images up to 3 MB.
  • Limit of 6 plate lookups per second.
  • Runs on Linode Cloud with servers in New Jersey, USA.
  • GDPR compliant.

On-Premise SDK

  • No need to send vehicle images over Internet.
  • Runs on a Linux, Windows, Mac and even Raspberry Pi.
  • Inference is 50-100 ms on a 7-8 Gen Intel CPU, 4 Cores.
  • No limtations on # Lookups per second or image file size.
  • GDPR compliant.
  • Is a Docker container with a REST API.
  • See SDK Technical Details for more info.

Questions about our ALPR Cloud API or SDK?  Contact Us.

Parking Management

  • Monitor cars entering and exiting parking lot.
  • See comprehensive reports and analytics.
  • Set proactive alerts to enforce parking policies.
  • Get full Car CRM to identify repeat offenders.
  • Easily integrate 3rd party data or export via APIs.

Plate Recognizer is pre-integrated with ParkPow.  Visit ParkPow for more info.

Get High Accuracy ALPR

Try our Snapshot ALPR API Cloud or SDK for FREE for up to 2,500 Plate Lookups a month.
For higher usage, see our Pricing plans.

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Supported Countries for ALPR

We support over 90 countries worldwide!