Why can't your service read this image?

Our service offers great reading accuracy but it won't work in certain cases. As a rule of thumb if a human has a hard time reading the license plate, our service will not be able to read it. If a human is able to read the license plate, we will likely read it too. The main use case for our service is automation.

Can I run the number plate recognition locally?

We currently do not support on premises plate recognition. You have to call our cloud API to use our service.

How can I implement the API in programming language X?

You can find the documentation and examples of code on our API documentation page.

How is your service better than an open source OCR solution?

Depending on your use case you may have good results with an open source OCR. I believe it should work well if the images are very clean. By clean I mean good contrast, good resolution, sharp image and not a lot of deformation (you take the picture right in front of the license plate). That approach will struggle if your images has some of those features:

  • blurry
  • diverse lighting conditions due to different weather conditions
  • low/medium resolution
  • the license plate picture is taken from the side
  • the image contains text that is not a license plate