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Xeoma Integration

Setting up Plate Recognizer to run with Xeoma and your choice of cameras is easy. Just follow the steps below:

  • Set Up Cameras: You can use any IP camera you wish. Read tips on how to set up your cameras for ANPR.
  • Download Xeoma: Go download Xeoma and then install it on a Windows PC.
  • Connect Cameras: Hook up cameras to Xeoma Video Management Software.
  • Activate Plate Rec: Xeoma is pre-integrated with Plate Recognizer. Just enter in the Plate Rec API info.
  • Set Motion Detection: See steps below to set Motion Detection.
  • Optimize Motion Detection: for Vehicles. This way, you can avoid sending images triggered by non-vehicles, such as a dog.
  • See Dashboard: Get full results of decoded plates in Plate Recognizer Dashboard.
  • Use Webhooks: Forward the decoded plate info to another system using our Webhooks. This feature is mainly for software developers!

Helpful Links

Recommended hardware specs for Xeoma

Xeoma Official Support Forum

Activate Plate Recognizer in Xeoma

Step 1. Sign up on Plate Recognizer.

Step 2. You will be given a Plate Recognizer API Cloud Token in

Please note that the Free Trial API Cloud has a 1 lookup per second limit. If you send more than 1 lookup per second, the other image(s) within that second will be ignored by our Snapshot API Cloud.

Step 3. In Xeoma, click on All Modulesl and select the ANPR icon.

Step 4. Check Then, enter your Plate Recognizer API Key. (Optional) You can enter your Region Code(s) from this list of countries.

To include Vehicle MMC feature (subscription required), just change the HTTP Address to

That’s it! You have successfully integrated Xeoma with Plate Recognizer.

Stuck? Contact Us for assistance.

Configure Xeoma Motion Detection for ALPR

Xeoma has a number of motion detection parameters to meet your unique needs. For more info, go to the Xeoma User Guide.

Min/Max Size. You can set the minimim and maximum object size to ensure that the system is capturing a vehicle in the camera.

Focus Areas. Use red color to define the area where motion is to be monitored. This way, Xeoma will ignore the trees or other movements outside the focus areas.

Sensitivity Settings. You can also disregard motion that is shorter than a specified time period and indicate how sensitive you want the motion detection to be.

Stuck? Check out Contact Us for assistance.

See ALPR Results

View ALPR results on Plate Recognizer Dashboard.

To access the Dashboard, just sign in to your Account page:

Need Help with LPR?

Let us know and we’d be happy to assist.