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How to set FPS in Stream to optimize hardware?

By default, Stream processes every other frame.  So if you have a camera that’s processing 60 fps, Stream will process 30 frames each second.  Unless the vehicles are going extremely fast, you do not need to process 30 frames per second on Stream.

Based on the vehicle speed, we recommend the following eFPS:
– For vehicles traveling <30 mph → set the eFPS to 4-5.
– For vehicles traveling 30-60 mph → set eFPS to 8-10.
– For vehicles traveling >60 mph → set eFPS to 12.

To compute eFPS, divide the camera FPS by the Sample Rate that you set in Stream. So for example, if the camera has 30 FPS, then set sample=6 to get an eFPS = 5

Again, we encourage you to test and confirm this for your specific environment. Contact us if we can help!