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How do I test or troubleshoot Webhooks in Stream or Snapshot?

The easiest way is to first test whether the ALPR events are being sent out to

Once confirmed, then you can update or redirect the Webhooks to send to your desired system.

To receive the Webhooks, please refer to this Script that we created specifically for Webhooks with Plate Recognizer in these programming languages: Python, Flask, Javascript/Node.

Please note that the bounding boxes in the webhook are different when you use the “webhook_image = true” option. When this is turned on, the cropped vehicle image is sent along with the webhook data. The bounding boxes then refer to the position in the cropped image and not the full source image.

If you would like the original bounding boxes, you can set “webhook_image = false” or you can recover the original bounding box using the vehicle bounding box. For example: obj[‘box’][‘xmin’] += obj[‘vehicle’][‘box’][‘xmin’]